Giving Back

As surfers we rely on mother nature to provide us with waves, off shore winds, and stunning surroundings. I feel that most of us are also connected to the environment.  At least more than most people. We are aware of it, because we’re very much part of it when we surf. This inspired me to live closer to nature and do my part and have a minimal impact. For example, after each session, I try to collect as much rubbish from the beach as I can. I take cold and short showers most of the time, and even drive below the speed limit to cut down on my CO2 emissions. At the same time, I can not deny that an online shop also has an environmental footprint. Therefore, we’ve decided to take action;

After much deliberation and painstaking calculations we’ve put a system in place where we face CO2 emissions created by our store. We do this by planting trees. We don’t do this ourselves, but we leave this to the experts at Trees For All .


We chose to plant trees for several reasons. As surfers it seems to make sense to invest in projects that clean the ocean. However, we feel like a lot of us are already doing our part in eliminating and/or cleaning up the plastic soup. Also, there are quite a few initiatives that tackle beach and marine pollution. Lastly, we feel that planting trees is the most direct link to our environmental impact, which is CO2 emission.


At I Love surfing, we try to keep the supply chain as short as possible. We ship directly from distribution partners to consumers to cut the amount of energy that’s needed to deliver each product. We also try and re-use packing materials as much as possible. So we apologise if your order doesn’t come in the best looking box ever. We don’t have an office, but instead work remotely from home. This is a great way to work close to the surf, but more importantly, it also cuts down big time on CO2 emissions. Through our blog page, we promote causes that support the environment as much as possible. We do not and will not make a profit on this kind of content.

We may not be the generation to save the planet, but we can raise the generation that will.

Stay stoked and see you out there,

Co-Founder of I Love Surfing