Information guru

Martijn is one of the co-founders of I Love Surfing and shares the world of surfing as he perceives it. Martijn's nickname in Australia was the 'Close out Warrior'.

Martijn found his passion for surfing a bit later in life at the age of 30. He had been working the same government job for 12 years and decided he needed a change. He went back to university and studied Sports, Management and Business. This is also where he met Brian, who a few years later become his business partner and co-founder of I Love Surfing.

During my first year at university, we went on a surf camp in France. It was then and there I fell in love with surfing. It sounds a bit cheesy, but it’s true. After that, I cooked up an elaborate scheme to study abroad for a year in Australia. I bribed the exam committee, to go for two semesters instead of the usual one, and selected a university as close to the beach as possible. You can probably imagine, I didn’t study much during my year in Australia.

When Martijn came back, he and Brian founded I Love Surfing. What began as a hobby, quickly grew to an online community with now over 80 thousand members, a blog page and a Youtube channel. Through our mission “Spread the Love”, we bring entertainment and information to our surfing community as perceived through the eyes of Martijn.

On of our most important values is that we try to have a positive impact on the environment. We share stories about good initiatives, promote a life style that has a smaller environmental footprint, and even with our online shop we try to minimize our impact.