Quality watchdog

  • Nickname: El Tando
  • Started running: At 4 months old in 2016
  • Started chasing balls: At 6 months old in the Netherlands
  • First squirrel chased: Autumn of 2018
  • Favorite surfer: Martijn a.k.a the Close out Warrior
  • Beaches run around the world: The Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, The United Kingdom
  • Dimensions: A lady doesn't tell
  • Competitions entered: Too many to count
  • Career heat wins: I never loose
  • Average heat score: 11 out of 10

Puk is our company watchdog. Her job is to watch over quality and she makes sure we make our customers happy. Be ready for cuteness overload when you meet her.
We rescued Puk from Andalusia in Spain back in 2016 and she’s been a happy camper ever since. Farmers left her on a railway track to die, but luckily that never happened. Puk loves everything with a heart beat and prefers to be cuddled all day long.

When my humans work too hard, I put on my puppy eyes and make them play with me, pet me, or take me out for a walk. I love the beach, but birds have to understand that the beach isn’t big enough for two sheriffs. So, I make sure they keep moving. When I’m on the beach with my two-legged co-workers from I Love Surfing, I make them chase a little green ball. I mean, they throw it, I pick it up and leave it somewhere on the beach for them to find. When they look hot, I drop it near the water so they can cool down when they get it from the waves. You should see them run away for a bit of water, hilarious. Only when they put on some black furr they dare to go into the ocean. After a few hours they return and are happy to see me.

Puk makes sure we stay healthy and always lifts our spirits. Managing our stress levels means we’re happy and can make sure our customers are happy. You can follow Puk at her own Instagram account. Leave her a message and she’ll get back to you after her beauty sleep.