Planting Trees in Uganda with I Love Surfing

planting trees in uganda

Planting Trees in Uganda with I Love Surfing

Perhaps you don’t know it, but I Love Surfing helps planting trees in Uganda. Earlier this year we partnered up with Trees for All, a tree planting organization from the Netherlands, who planted over 5 million trees around the world. We pledged to donate a minimum of 80 trees a year through I Love Surfing. Also, we plant one tree for each surfboard that’s sold on I Love Surfing. We do this for a couple of reasons, but mostly to minimize our carbon footprint, and hopefully spread this positive message of leaving behind a green and healthy planet.

Planting trees in Uganda

With the help of tree planing experts over at Trees for All, we selected to support a tree planting project in Uganda. ‘Our’ project takes place in the Kibale National Park, one of East Africa’s most impressive rainforests. Kibale stretches out over some 800 square kilometers, and is home to hundreds species of birds and mammals the colobus monkey and chimpanzees. Kibale’s trees can grow into forest giants of up to 50 metres, but decades of deforestation mean this green oasis is not what it once was. The project we support works together with Face the Future and the Ugandan ministry for nature and wildlife conservation (UWA). This ministry is managing the forest with an eye to the long term.

Chimpanzees love trees

Added income for locals

The local population also benefits from the Kibale forest project. About 125 locals help with tree planting and forest management, so generating extra income. In addition, they work in the plant nurseries that supply trees to the project and undergo training to manage these nurseries independently. The young trees are grown locally from seedlings taken from the primeval forest.

Tree nursery

How you can help

Like we explained, part of the proceeds of every surfboard sold go directly into this project. If you would like to make a donation regardless your purchase at I Love Surfing, you can do so by going to the website of Trees for All. They have all the experience needed to make sure your donation is put to gut use.

By reforesting, we are boosting the available habitat for animals, protecting primaeval forest and making a positive climate contribution.

planting trees with i love surfing