What motivates a surf champ like Roxy Davis

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What motivates a surf champ like Roxy Davis

Nine times South African surf champ Roxy Davis (35) is the first and only South African to represent her country in all surfing disciplines in the World Surfing Championships: long-boarding, short-boarding and stand-up paddle boarding. Born and raised in the surfers’ paradise of Kommetjie, Cape Town, she now lives in Muizenberg, also a surfing mecca, with her husband William, and their two sons, Daniel (5) and James (1). When not competing or mothering, she runs a surfing business with William. Their surf school is the largest in South Africa, and one of the largest in the world. Roxy is also a registered psychological counsellor.

Surf Champ Roxy Davis

I’VE ALWAYS LOVED the way surfing puts you in the moment, unable to focus on anything but what you’re doing. Plus the challenge it offers to stand up and master the situation. I started competing at 12 which is considered late in the surfing world, but through long hours on my board I was able to take part and was sponsored by the global brand Roxy not long afterwards. They’ve stayed with me ever since: our names being the same is simple coincidence.

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Thislife Online

Thislife Online is a not-for-profit mission to spread stories of hope from Cape Town and beyond, and appeal to both domestic and international audiences. They recently published an article about South African surf champ, Roxy Davis and her journey to success throughout the challenges she has faced.


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